Access and Regulation Attendance

Supplement of the municipal regulation

1) Access is permitted to dogs of any breed and size, even if identified by microchip or tatooed: all dogs must be in compliance with vaccinations, that must be demostrated by the required veterinary certification (passport, healt card).

2) Each owner must carry with him the insurance of is own dog.

3) The access is not allowed to dogs of aggressive nature, regardless of breed or size.

4) Animals cannot be left unattended and must always be kept on a leash or in its own travel kennel.

5) Animals are accepted upon request . ther’s to pay an extra fee of 20,00€ per day (for each one).

6) It is strictly forbidden to let the animal picking up on beds, chairs, table ; it is also forbidden to use towels or blankets to dry the animal or letting it lie on.

7) Each owner having dog has to be equipped of proper bags to collect animal droppings.

8) It is compulsory to collect solid droppings of your animal wherever in town and residence area, and bring it  into the proper waste bin . liquid dejections must be washed. the violators will be immediatly fined according to the regulations in force.

9) The person accompanying the dog must avoid prolonged barking and excessively lively behavior of his dog.

10) Dogs in heat are not accepted.

11) The management disclaims all responsibility on any aggressive behavior of the dog.

12) La direzione declina ogni responsabilità su ogni comportamento aggressivo degli animali.

13) Dogs should not be left unattended in the apartments or free to roam around; the responsibility  (civil and penal) ; the liability for any damage caused by the animal is up to the owner . our staff will take care about your compliance with rules.


1) It is obligatory to make diligent use of equipment and furnishing and not to damage them.

2) Any damage caused to the hotel’s equipment or third parties, will be compensated by those who caused it.